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1st Open Innovation Challenge Spring 2022

"Closing material loops in the health tech sector".


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Interim report on the first "Open Innovation Challenge”


The new "Open Innovation Challenge" format of the NTN Innovation Booster Applied Circular Sustainability has passed its “trial by fire.”


The topic of closing material cycles in the health tech sector was worked on during two intensive design thinking workshops in March and April 2022 at the Impact Hub Basel.

Together with Johnson & Johnson and Erdmann Design, and with the support of experts from the NTN IB ACS, multidisciplinary, cross-company teams discussed the challenges of the topic in a first step.

A large part of the value chain was involved in the workshops - i.e. players from the fields of medical devices, diagnostics, logistics, packaging, materials, design and innovation, patients. This was done with the intention of illuminating the closure of material cycles in the health tech sector from as many perspectives as possible.

In a second step, approaches to solutions were developed.

The two most promising approaches were then selected for a prize.

The following ideas were selected:


  • Swiss Collaboration Platform for Circular Economy in Pharma&Medtech

  • Traceability Tool for health tech sector


Currently, the two newly formed teams behind the winning ideas are prototyping and testing their approaches with the support of the grant of 15`000CHF each.

The results are expected in October 2022 in the form of a summary - we are curious.


Thanks to constructive feedback, the format will be further optimized and we are already looking forward to the next edition.

This challenge was made possible thanks to the support of Johnson&Johnson and Erdmann Design.

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