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Boost circular economy through Additive Manufacturing

Spring 2023

Details of the Challenge

Boost Circular Economy through Additive Manufacturing For decades, society is confronted with an ever-increasing demand for resources and energy, and consequently steadily increasing waste. The proper handling of resources, the design of production processes, and the use and reuse of products and related materials require innovative concepts across the entire value chain. Additive manufacturing (AM) can play an important role in this systemic challenge, providing potentials for radical innovation and solutions for a circular economy.

We plan to focus on the following fields of interest:

  • Process and Material Design

  • Design for Eternity

  • Design for Repair and Re-use

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the following ideas received funding for testing:

Green Earth Ink: 3D printing regenerative active elements for the built environment with clay and moss

  • Benjamin Nott, Daniel Pacurar, Petri Oinonen

From Waste to Wow: Optimizing Biowaste for Sustainable 3D Printing Materials

  • Arthur Groh, Martin Knüttel, Roy z’Rotz, Cyrille Bezencon, Samuel Lottenbach


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