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Cyclix - don’t worry, keep cycling.

Cyclix is a unique bike repair platform with a strong focus on promoting sustainable urban mobility. Our mission is to revolutionize the way bike repairs are conducted, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of bicycles. By connecting cyclists with local, high-quality repair shops through our convenient online platform, we promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to a sustainable urban future. By streamlining the repair process and leveraging our innovative inventory planning system, we minimize downtime and optimize the availability of spare parts, ensuring efficient repairs and minimizing the need for new bike purchases. Through our platform, cyclists can easily schedule repairs, enjoy value-added services like pick-up and delivery, and access a network of trusted high quality bicycle repair shops. By choosing Cyclix, cyclists not only benefit from top-notch repairs but also play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint and extending the life of their beloved bicycles.

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Georg Hafner

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