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Open Innovation Challenge

 In order to achieve the transformation from a linear to a circular economy, social net-working and cross-company cooperation is essential.


The topic of "Closing the Loop" in particular requires the involvement of all actors along the entire value chain. 

With our Open Innovation Challenges, we offer a suitable puzzle piece for the implementation of this transformation process. 

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How it works



The Innovation Booster Applied Circular Sustainability organizes at least two Open Innovation Challenges per year.

These take place in cooperation with other partners and are planned individually.

As soon as the contents and dates are fixed, they will be published on this page (Timeline below).

Furthermore, the possibilities for registration and the submission of ideas will be activated in this context.


All idea submissions (originating from the workshops or independent of them) will be evaluated according to predefined criteria.

Two interdisciplinary teams get financial support of CHF 15,000 each the testing phase of their idea. 

In addition, the teams can draw on the wide-ranging expertise of the consortium members during the 6-month project phase. 

5th Open Innovation Challenge:
«Phänomena Challenge» -  Vertical greening of facades

Find more Information on the Challenge on the PDF:

General Information about the National Open Innovation Camp

You can register for the two workshops of the Challenge via the following link. 


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